Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Everything I Need to Know: Part 3

If you're just arriving, here's Part 2 and Part 1 of this little (House) series...

Laura befriended the town banker recently. Of course, she didn't know he was the stingy, cranky, codger of a town banker that she heard tale of through town gossip. She just knew the man by his fishing. And his friendship. Think there's probably a lesson there. But, being me, instead, I chose to focus that episode on how Laura quoted Tennison. Because Pa reads Tennison to her, of course. (At least, that's what she told Crotchity Ol' Banker Guy --- I don't remember his name!)

And that made me think: What could I be reading to my kids that would further their lives through wisdom and enlightenment?

The Little House on the Prairie series, of course!

So, we're reading one chapter per day. And once we finish Little House in the Big Woods, we'll be taking a break to listen to Daddy's choice of stories. And then I'll head back to the House on the Prairie. Or maybe I'll try out my vocal talents on Marley (John Grogan's bad dog).

My kids? My kids during these times when we gather 'round the hearth by the light of the (electric) lamp glowing amidst us? They're pretty much hitting each other, picking their fingernails, yawning. Seems like this is one of Mom's great hairbrained schemes. And yet, they humor me. Until I can't take the crying, fighting, and lack of interest any longer. Then I pack it up and go make dinner. But I'll keep trying. Cuz I'm mean like that. Trying to increase wisdom and enlightenment amongst my offspring.

I thought it would go over a little better. They sure laughed their tails off when Pookie read My Brother's from Outer Space outloud yesterday. *sigh* Kids these days.
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