Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A Friend's a Friend Forever

I only have a minute - but wanted to thank so many of you for your prayers and your well wishes as we went through the last week with Sashi. Her recovery far exceeded that of any of her doctors, and she came home on Sunday!

I want to use this venue as an opportunity to send a HUGE thank you to a few of my real life friends who helped us is such sweet and tangible ways. Specifically, Sweet Christy --- I tried to phone you this A.M. to say THANK YOU for the surprises on our porch last night!!! You should have seen the joy on the kids' faces when I told them they were having their FAVORITE pizza for dinner! And Pookie took one lick of the frosting on that moist, yummy cake and exclaimed, "It's my FAVORITE!!! Cinnamon!!!" She helped Sashi parade around with the balloons for at least an hour...or just until the pizza came, but nevertheless ;) Thank you for taking the time out to do such an extraordinary thing for us!

And Mama V - you know I love you! I nursed that coffee the whole day, if you can believe it! THANK YOU for thinking of me in such a personal way :)

Others, please know that I felt wrapped up in your friendship, truly. It was such an amazing feeling to see people from so many different walks of life - past, present, computer - all sending love and best wishes. I'm telling you, it kept me together. I bawled like a baby as Sashi and I drove away from the hospital on Sunday. But I was able to stay strong when I needed to because God has blessed me with each of you.

Yay God! (And Yay YOU!)

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