Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Name this house contest!

**insert cute picture of my house here...**

I've never done this before, but have long wanted to have a name for my house. I've decided to get some help from you all. I am incredibly inspired by Layla at 'The Lettered Cottage.' She meaningfully named her neighbor/friend's house 'The Half Note Cottage,' as well. Even Sherry at what used to be This Young House (now changed for legal reasons to Young House Love) calls her abode Casa Petersik. If you know our last name, then you'll know it doesn't go with 'Casa' ... anymore than Petersik does, for that matter - and yet, Casa Petersik does have a certain ironic ring. Not my name though. And I'm looking for something 'cottage'-y in my home's name, as well. Any ideas?

Leave a comment with your name idea. There's a $20 Target gift card up for grabs if I choose your concept! [Don't tell my husband... ;)] And make sure I have a way to reach you in case you win (email address, blogger profile with email enabled, you're my mom so I know how to reach you...whatever!)

Oh - and if you read my blog and never comment (you know who you are!) --- you can comment as 'anonymous' and just put your name within your comment ... then you won't look creepy!

Love you guys! Can't wait to see if anyone has any ideas out there...
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