Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sweet 'Little' Girl

Next weekend, this little girl will turn 8. I'm not sure the world is quite ready for her. She's all that and more.
I love you, Pookie!
Love, Mom
edited to add: yesterday, I set out three possible outfits for Pookie to choose from for school. She lithely took one piece from each of the sets and came up with an outfit far classier than anything her mama could have paired. Her second grade teacher aptly named her "a fashionista." I couldn't let the moment pass without a trip to the park when I should have been making the family dinner - in just that hour when the sun would be best - to snap some photos of just Pooks.
Now this morning, she came out of her room for school wearing makeup. I washed it off. And she told two lies...one to get her twin brother in trouble, and one to keep herself out of trouble. Some days, it's not just the world that isn't quite ready for this one. Some days, I need more than one cup of coffee to be ready for her myself!!!
Love that girl. Imperfections and all.
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