Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Review

We made a list at summer's onset. I asked each child: Name three things you want to do this summer.

The responses were varied and interesting...or at least similar - and fun!
Ferry Ride
Baseball Game
Chuck E Cheese.

The Arch

Chuck E Cheese
Baseball Game

Truly, the requests were simple. No one wished for Hawaii. Perhaps they just inherently understand such desires are unlikely to be fulfilled right now. But a ball game, we can do. And we did. The arch? Check. Movies? Even popcorn. Chuck E Cheese? Done. Zoo? Easy Peasy.

Tomorrow, we'll find a ferry. I don't know what spurred the 'ferry' comment - I wonder if he even remembers this early summer desire. But we'll fulfill the request. And as we float across the river, I'll reminisce about the summer where every kid participated in camps-a-plenty --- heart camp, scout camp, VBS, soccer we ran and swam and slurped up the summer in ice cream sundaes made 'their way' - with friends and family. I'll think back on Meiners' chilly birthday party, the bus stop kids' smores and sundaes bash (x2), the Princess Protection party, the Backyard Baseball party...I'll wonder if we used the pool enough, how we could watch so much tv, how many books we read and worksheets we didn't finish ... despite somewhat noble efforts. I'll ask myself how I could let it pass by so fast. How I could allow myself to miss one single moment. So precious and fleeting the time is. I'll cry over the reality of missing them. Knowing they'll come home every afternoon. With stories and homework and love for Mom. Cuz I'll always be 'Mom'...and to at least one growing little kindergartner, still "Mommy!"

And I'll promise to embrace the newest 'normal' for our family. With second graders and a new kindergartner, and even the baby growing into a little girl now, not so much a baby...I'll talk to myself about healthier eating, and childhood chores, and the revitalization of "The Organization Movement." Soon enough the leaves will change and boughs will be hung with full anticipation of yet more wonderment.

But for today, for even tonite, I stop. And remember. And smile. And love. And know.
I am blessed.

It is ~ A New School Year.
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