Tuesday, August 18, 2009

"I wasn't ready!"

Remember when you were a kid playing Hungry, Hungry Hippo with your brother, and suddenly he started pounding on the black lever at the end of the hippo's bootie on his side of the board, and his green hippo scarfed up all the white marbles before you even started to push your lever down, and you totally lost the game, but you shouted: I wasn't ready! in whatever effort you could summon to avail the opportunity to start over?


This morning I wanted a re-do. I wanted one more lazy day of summer lounging on the couch watching the same episode of Hannah Montana for the eighteenth time or packing the kids into the van for one more outing or sipping a lemonade by the pool while they laughed with their friends and fought over the water toys. I wouldn't even overreact to the fighting. I promise...just one more time.

One more minute.


I wasn't ready!
I'm not ready.

And yet, they were.
I guess that's how it's supposed to be.

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