Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Home Sweet Home

I love our house.

We moved in over 11 years ago. It's not the same house. Every. room. has. been. changed. The outside, too. Fortunately, in my humble opinion, for the better.

It is small. I even like it for its smallness. A friend from my Bible study once said incredulously, "Your house is SMALL!" Why yes. Yes it is.

Lately, I have really been enjoying my bedroom. It is small, too. I like it that way, actually. I redid the room last spring. Ever since, we have not failed to keep it clean. I want to keep it clean. (...not that I want the rest of the house to be a giant moshpit of sloppiness. Quite the opposite. But I have become passionate about keeping the bedroom clean...) This weekend we moved a piece of furniture my father-in-law built for my daughter from a basement room into our bedroom. It made all the difference. I'm in love with my room. Again.

I find peace in the cool tones of the bedroom. I turn on the lamps every night, just so I can be consumed with the ambience as soon as I turn the corner. All the photographs are of us - it makes us feel a little more special. I haven't finished the wall of photos I planned. I did one in the girls' room of them. Maybe too many walls of photos is too much. But maybe it will come.

There are two more things I would like to do to this house. I want to install craftsman-style columns over the existing pillars on the front porch. And I want to redo our toy room. And I want to name her. (that was 3)

And I want to move. The house I prayed for last winter may become available again. My heart is set on it already. In a heavy way. Because I love this house. It is perfect. But the other house has loads of potential to love, as well.

It may not become ours. Once, when we first started 'looking' for a new house, I asked God to find it for me. Find me a house. He answered that He had found one. I'm still waiting to see what house He had in mind. As all the other houses we have briefly 'loved' have fallen out of our grasp, I have rested - assured that THIS house is the one He had found for us. So, I wonder as I remain content in this home that safely holds my growing family tonite (growing in size, age, and wisdom --- NOT in number...) I wonder - is this still the one? I'll have to wait a little longer.

One way or the other, I really do love this house.
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