Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I think it's pretty clear that I am not a patient person. After all, our summer girls' bedroom redesign is only about half completed, but I couldn't wait to show you Pookie's corner. Tonite, I must show you the wall on Sashi's side of the room. I still haven't faced Target again after ruining half of their shabby chic collection with my coffee - in other words, still no rug or lamp or seating. But I'm in love with this wall - inspired by Layla at The Lettered Cottage (even though not all the pictures are in the frames yet!)

Does anyone else create something and then be so completely enamored by the creation that you have to look at it over and over. Sit in front of it. Staring at its wonderfulness? I do this with every card I make (that I love). Without fail, I prop it on my headboard and fall asleep in the glow of that creation's beauty. The same phenomena has occurred in Pookie's room. After we spread out the new comforter and the art was on the wall, I laid down on that bed and just stared around the room. I actually did the same thing in my own room when I finished that re-do earlier this spring (I still have some things to do in there. But, Pookie's hopes and dreams trumped mine for the time being. Her smiles over her room transformation are worth not having my chocolate-stained bamboo shades in my window, or my own photo wall completed yet!)
What I'm noticing lately, though, is that my impatience is perhaps hitting a summit. Perhaps I'm just noticing it more because I see it oozing from the responses I see in my sweet little girl. Pookie is a darling. She is very social and loving and fun. She is everything a mom would desire in a daughter. And she strives to be just like me. And lately, that ain't always pretty. Lately I've witnessed her snap at her brothers. I've seen her snap at her friends. It sounds horrible when I hear it coming from her mouth. They are my words. But they are coming from her mouth Hello? Do I say that like ... like that?
Wow. More is caught than is taught, as my mother-in-law explains. And that which is caught often ain't pretty. I am vowing to realize where I react versus respond. I want to answer in love versus anger. I pray for His help. Cuz I have a lot on the line.
Many blessings as we travel this road.
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