Friday, July 17, 2009


Three of the kids are on the St. Louis Children's Hospital website. If you click on the 'learn more' about Camp Rhythm in the middle of the page, then play the funding video at the bottom, Pookie and Sashi are playing with bubbles - and later Meiners is painting the sidewalk ... then walks off in his "I'm embarrassed I'm gettin' outa here" way. Also, if you click on the Camp Rhythm stories at the bottom of the page, the girls are in the spotlight playing with bubbles on the video there!

We're waiting for the Nightly News to show their "Making A Difference" segment - shown at the end of the program...

edited to add: some of our big kid friends were featured in a very nice story... the kids from this household can be seen on the Children's website! Thanks for 'tuning in!'
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