Monday, July 6, 2009


I could have titled this post: Quiet. Isn't it nice, sometimes, to sit in your house - two dogs sleeping at your feet, four kids snoring down the hall, and your hubby out on business - just to sit in the ... stillness. Nothing's right with the world when Daddy's gone, don't get me wrong. But there is peace in the quiet, too.

Very recently my husband was awarded the additional responsibility of traveling to Minneapolis along with his regular duties at the office here. I am thrilled for him. I know that if anyone could make the positive changes necessary in the satellite office, it's my man. And I'm proud of him. I'm maybe a tad bit nervous for him, but really not, because I know he'll do a great job. I just miss him tonite. I know Meinie does too. He and Pooks are headed to Camp Rhythm this week - which I'll have to share with you one day. What an incredible blessing heart camp is to my kids. And T is headed to Grammie Camp. Being the only heart healthy kid old enough to understand that he's the only one not going to heart camp, Grammie stepped forward and offered her undivided attention and fun for the same duration. T's going fishing, swimming, & eating at Bob Evans. All the thrilling adventures a 7 year-old boy can expect with Grammie. Meanwhile, the hearties are headed to - you guessed it: fish, swim, and well, eat only the shredded cheese off the taco bar for lunch if you're Pookie (and nothing else. unless there's kethcup. well, then: SCORE - in her mind, anyway.) So Sash and I will be winging it. Alone for good parts of the day. Keeping the ship sailing on course in the evenings until Thursday this week. And then again in another week.

And it's all good. There are no vacations planned for us this summer any longer. But, if I may literally quote a friend of mine this evening (thanks, Franchesca!):

It feels like vacation to me,

this time of my life. Not that it's effortless,

but maybe because it's priceless.

I love you, Honey! See you soon!


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