Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I'm not very talkative tonite. It could be fatigue. The weariness of battling a sleep-deprived 2 year-old for half the afternoon and more of the night. It could be the search for a blessing when fatigue and weariness cloud the vision. Yet, upon close enough inspection, the blessing can be found. It isn't necessarily a blessing to be given a child with a heart defect. And yet, it is. All it requires is a look in their eyes and at their smile and realization slices through. Life is fleeting and it must be lived. Fully.

And these kids do. And at least for one week every year - every summer - they get an extra special chance to live it abundantly. Children with heart defects have been denied access to camps geared, apparently, to healthier kids, at least in the past. To answer this need, St. Louis Children's Hospital began Camp Rhythm. Geared fundamentally and wholly towards kids with heart defects. Healthy ones. And ones who may be seeing the doctor inevitably again soon (praying Mr B showed more perkiness tonite, Em!) . We receive a healthy dose of Blessing.

Thanks. Thanks for the blessing of Heart Camp.
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