Friday, July 3, 2009

Your Attention Please. Seriously.

Hey, ya'll. Can I tell you that it is VITALLY important that you review your bank statements on a regular basis?! My husband reviews ours daily. I'm not saying that a daily review of the statement is necessary, but please please please look at it. Today we noticed a $59.95 charge on our DEBIT card. As you know, Mr J and I run marathons and half marathons. We have used our credit cards to pay for these races. Today,, the company who mediates the payments for the races, charged us $60 without our authorization to 'join their club.' You may immediately think, yeah right - you probably just forgot...etc. etc. etc. But no. This was an UNAUTHORIZED debit from our primary checking account. We would not have known had we not checked our debits and credits lines diligently. And this is not the first time we have been bamboozled.

Last week, upon reviewing our AT&T bill, my husband noted an additional charge for a professional voicemail system that we never signed up for. He called and discovered that the company had 'received authorization' via an email address - that has never been ours.

Please. Review your statements. And call on them to make sure your fees are fully recovered. Thus far, AT&T has rectified their issue fully and we are awaiting a return call from

edited to add: canceled our 'trial membership' today, indicating via email their sadness at our sudden departure. hmmm. didn't really know the ship was sailing til I was thrown in the life boat. Whatever. At least the problem is solved!
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