Saturday, July 11, 2009


At times, I lament to my husband that people today don't seem to visit like they used to. My grandparents had a sign on their wall when I was little that read:
Come in, Sit down, Relax, Converse.
Our house doesn't always look like this.
Sometimes it's even worse.
I loved that sign. It was one of those kitchey 60's things that, in retrospect, I regret not snatching up and running away with it to have as my own forever. Instead, I have the memory of it - and of people coming and going through my grandmother's kitchen often. And her endless supply of rhubarb bars and coffee - ready for any and every guest to enjoy (especially me!).
Nowadays, I think we are all so busy. That's what I hear a lot, anyway. Even summer - the leisurely, book reading, cloud gazing days of summer. They are flying by. For us, too. And today was no exception.

Today, we started the day with an 8:30 ballgame for the boys. This year baseball has been so much more fun. I think it's because both boys are on the same team. And because both boys are really starting to shine. Today, T hit every pitch sent his way - and enjoyed his first double! And Meiners hit the pitcher with his drive so squarely in the gut that five baseballs flew out of his pockets. And the infield hit that Meiners caught - so unexpectedly based on his expression - brought the whole crowd to its feet.

Meiners is 5 - playing on a team with 7 & 8 year-olds

He seems to be holding his own!

T hits his first double - I don't think his opponent was as pleased.

Dad fills in as line coach today - and gets some praise time in!

After their game, we headed straight downtown to enjoy some All Star Game festivities here in our own StL. The city is aflutter with activities and sights to enjoy. We spent a good portion of the day bumming around Fanfest with these creatures.

Finally, we ended the day in the pool. We didn't even eat dinner until after 7:00. And another highlight came after showers and pjs were done. The whole family went downstairs and videotaped a news program - reviewing the days events, complete with a famous singer (Pooks), an amazing athlete (Meiners) and an outstanding anchor (T).

What fun! And tomorrow, we're going visiting - to the Ks and Co. I should make some rhubarb bars to take along!

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