Thursday, August 27, 2009

Designing to Sell

Don't get excited. I've driven by the house daily (wish I could pull those two all-too-telling stickers off the back of my van window to improve anonymity, but oh well...I do have a wig...) and the new for sale sign hasn't come up yet.

However, it's amazing what a little motivation does towards improving your current home! I recently read this blog post over at Clover Lane. I nearly died at the thought of everything that truly needs to be done to get this house into tiptop shape (and to glance at it with eyes half closed and a lemondrop martini in your hand, it doesn't look all that bad...) and we've actually been designing to dwell here for some time now! Yet, this week finds me doing things that I would have done anyway, now that school's back on and not so many feet are underfoot...and other things that I wouldn't have dreamed of watering the lawn. I have moved the sprinkler every 15 minutes this afternoon while folding countless loads of laundry to make that room downstairs look like this again.

Then, Sarah at Clover Lane wrote this post recently. And I know, in my heart, that this other house may never be mine. My hubby looked up the comps in the neighborhood --- not that the house is worth NEARLY as much as its neighbors, it's in such disrepair, but homes in foreclosure rarely sell for less than 5% off the comparable homes in the area. And for years now, we've been making financial decisions on a single income. Being blessed to do so. Yet, it may never be mine, this other house. Since I'm not done with this one yet, I'll be OK. I swear. But still, I have to go. Move the sprinkler. Just in case.

Oh - and help me name my house here!
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