Friday, August 28, 2009

:: How to Clean Your Glass Shower Door ::

Have I told you Hubby's been gone on a business trip? No?? Good. Cuz he's back now and he would so get you with his baseball bat if you were looking for that kind of trouble.

But don't worry - I'm writing this and auto-posting it for later, so really, he is back. And he is so loving that I've been bored out of my mind most nights this week and looking for things to keep myself occupied. (There's only so many times you can log back on to the same blogs before you realize - you're the only one writing more than one blog a night cuz you AIN'T GOT NOTHING ELSE TO DO...)

ANYwho. Tonite, I cleaned my glass shower doors. (Seriously. THAT bored. --- Although, as you're about to see, it needed to be done. In, like, a HUGE way...) Now, I'm only showing you these pictures in the name of science, cuz man-o-man have I found the science to cleaning glass shower doors.

Everyone likes a good before and after shot, so here you go. (Again, in the name of science. And this blog. But not my reputation for keeping a clean house...if I had a good reputation for keeping a clean house...)

This is Benn.
This is Benn trapped outside the shower behind a day's worth of soap scum.
(OK, years'. Whatever.)

Here he is behind one clean shower door, realizing I'm probably not going to let him in, after tantalizingly calling him into the bathroom for no reason. (Other than to take his picture.)

Here he is behind both shower doors - now clean - letting me know he doesn't really care about me anymore, that, in fact, the fly buzzing around him in the air is faaaar more interesting.

Until he sees what I now see. And he, too, is amazed and must take a closer look:

The secret to clean glass shower doors?

:: fabric softener sheets ::

Just wet one down and go to town. No lie. Raise your hand if you already knew this. OK, never mind. Put your hands down.

Now go, clean your house as if you're selling it some day and enjoy the feeling of knowing you have changed the world. One dryer sheet at a time.

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