Saturday, August 29, 2009

Birthday Bonanza!

Two nights ago I commented to my own little corner of Facebook Nation that I wasn't really in the mood to go all out for the twins' friend party this weekend. I think my specific words were, "Is swimming enough at a birthday swim party?"

I'm all partied out. And that's sort of the way I feel every year about this time. We have a great backyard for summer parties...and we've utilized every inch of real estate again this summer. It's been done, though, you know? How many times can you have some of the same kids over to swim before swimming becomes ... well ... boring?!

I scoured the internet for ideas, all the while sort of dragging my feet. This wasn't supposed to be a year for a backyard-friend-birthday-party for the twins. And how could I beat last year's end-of-the-summer Olympic blow-out?!

I love Google. I don't know what people (moms!) did before Google. Seriously, how did they clean their glass shower doors? How did they create memorable, unique backyard swim parties? Google saved me. Here are some of the ideas I found (or re-used in the end) while aimlessly yet avidly searching for something to jump out and come to my backyard birthday party rescue:

Hula Contest:

Sponge Races:
(contestants race to fill their bucket at the top of the hill with their sloppy wet sponges!)

Slip-n-Slide Races:
(this one cracks me up - & if blogger was uploading better, I'd show you the sequence of photos that followed this one...maybe another day...)

Balloon Toss (OK, it totally morphed into a water balloon fight - but, they had fun!)

Water/Sand Art:

Sundaes Made Their Way (instead of cake & ice cream --- this made it SO easy! YAY!!!):

Cookie Medals for 'participating':
(the kids helped me cut out and frost these the day before!)

And swimming!

The twins' favorite part of the entire 3 hour, 12 child event?
"The presents!"

Well OK then!
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