Wednesday, June 22, 2011

How Girls on the Run Made Pookie Fearless

The following is an essay Pookie wrote about her experience training and running a 5K with Girls on the Run this spring.  She didn't win the essay contest (even though I totally think she should have) so now I can post it here! 


My heart pounds, my legs shake, and my lungs are on fire! Well, that's what I used to fear about running.

Running used to make me feel depressed. It was so hard. I would always come in close to last. My P.E. teacher said everyone in my class had to finish running a lap in 3 minutes, but she would always say to me, "That doesn't mean you, Pookie."

You see, I was born with a hole in my heart. I've had 6 open heart surgeries to fix it, so running has always been hard for me. My doctor told me not to run long distances. 

Then I heard about Girls on the Run and I really wanted to join. I thought it would help me practice so running would not be as hard for me. I didn't have to be fast, and that was good! My doctor said yes!

I'm still not the fastest, but running is getting easier. Now I'm finishing a lap in P.E. in under 3 minutes! I've made new friends and I've learned really cool new cheers. We've learned a lot of healthy habits, too!

When I run, my heart still pounds, my legs still shake, and my lungs still feel like they are on fire, but I'm not afraid of that any more. Thanks to Girls on the Run, now I'm fearless!

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