Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Importance of Regular Check-ups

June has been hectic.  So much for a relaxing summer vacation.  Between VBS and Smart Start Mondays and all the vacuuming and laundry and violin lessons and baseball practices we have going on, I barely find that I have time to breathe!  But, part of our busyness - OK, all of it actually - has been self-inflicted.  For instance, I've scheduled all the kids' well visits this month (doctor, dentist, eyes).  At the time I scheduled them I thought I was pretty smart.  Now I'm just pretty exhausted.  But, a recent visit to the eye doctor proved that all the running is worth-while.

I have one kid who complains constantly.  My side hurts.  My ear hurts.  My throat hurts.  My left eye is blurry.  My right eye is teary.  It's always something - which, quite honestly, sort of makes it hard to tell when it really is something.  So with all the complaining about vision lately, I figured it was time to get us all back to the eye doctor.

Well surprise me silly and call me Willy when two kids (including my complainer) skated through the appointment with flying colors.    But when T walked in (he never complains - about anything!  <3) and started randomly calling out letters, I turned around and gave him that maternal, "Stop screwing around" look that we all have down-pat.  Until I realized he wasn't kidding around. 

We left with a prescription in hand and a loving talk about how it's perfectly wonderful to wear glasses and how much brighter the world is now that he will be able to see.

Well, and then his brother tried to make him feel better with a heart-felt discussion about how he really is a nerd now because he's smart AND he wears glasses (which double qualifies you as genius, as we all know), only he didn't really realize that 'nerd' is a negative word and everyone in the van was reduced to tears either from crying or laughing. 

Which is just, apparently, how we roll.
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