Thursday, June 2, 2011

Compassionate Blogging

You may know that I planned, scrimped, and saved to go on a mission trip to Peru this summer July 30-August 6.  I even {attempted} to forego Christmas presents.  You may know that this trip was canceled while our church reconnects with the mission field in that area to better determine their specific needs.  There is a new long term missionary there that is making plans for future trips, but for now, my trip is on hold.

At the time that I heard this news, my favorite bloggy friend I've never met in real life, Emily, shared that she would be traveling to the Phillipines this summer on a mission trip through Compassion International.  And blogging about it.  I was more than a little green and more than a little sad that I wasn't going with her.  Even more so now.

Although I am not in the Phillipines with Emily this week, I am pouring over her testimony of what she sees there and what Compassion is doing there at her blog.  And there are others there with her who are quickly becoming some of my favorite people I've never met.  Kat has an ear for amazing music and uses it to accompany her devastatingly honest look into life in the Phillipines.  And Tsh has a heart for discerning Truth (conviction) from lies (guilt).  There are others there in the Phillipines with them, as well.  You can read all their stories here.

I hope you do.  I think you will be changed.

Compassion Bloggers: Philippines 2011
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