Monday, June 6, 2011

Summer Schedule

Summer is in full swing here.  The kids were released last Friday at noon.  We headed to Oberweis for a little post-school year soiree, then Pooks and I headed off to the cardiologist.  After a busy weekend full of carnivals, baby birthdays, baptisms, and cleaning, we hit the week head on with our Summer Schedule.

Smart Start Mondays
Originally, this was going to be the morning we do math worksheets.  We've successfully done this in the past, but after working in Pookie's class this spring, I've decided one day of math is not enough.  And TV/video games are too easy to fall back on when boredom strikes.  So now every kid does one page of math for every 15 minutes of electronics they wish to enjoy.  Going back to Smart Starts, then - these mornings I plan to do science experiments.  I know that sounds crazy ambitious.  But the kids have this Green Science Weather Station and this Green Science Enviro Battery that look like they'd be fun to try.  We can also make our own barometer, etc. etc. etc.  I also have every intention of having the kids do their Science Fair 2012 activities this summer.  I know the school year gets busy, so we're doing it now when we have more 'time.'

Traveling Tuesdays
Yup.  They're back.  We enjoyed so many fabulous memories last summer, and there are so many amazing places to discover in St. Louis.  I'll be sure to blog about them so you can visit, too!  One that is certainly on our list is a trip to Jefferson City to visit the our state's capitol building.  Beyond that, I'm really not sure.  A trip to the book store might be in order to get some ideas - like we did over Spring Break!

Wet Wednesdays
We're swimming on these days!  The pool guy is coming today to install our new pool, so I'm pretty excited to get the yard back into shape for summer.  I'm considering letting the kids hit some water parks around town on Wednesdays just to spice things up a little, too.  We can swim every day, really, so making sure we get wet on Wednesdays may not always mean the backyard this year.  We'll see.  I'm not a huge public pool person.  {*climbing outside my comfort zone in the name of fun*}

Immaculate Thursdays
I look around our house some days and just want to bury my head in the sand.  So instead, we're devoting Thursdays to cleaning up those 'problem spots' around the house.  Yesterday we cleaned up the girls' room which has been turned into a game room for the summer (the kids are bunking in the basement again this year - and loving it!!!).

Friends on Friday
You guessed it!  Playdates.  Lots of 'em.  (Although, I guess when you're almost 10, they shouldn't be called playdates any more.)

So there ya go - our summer schedule.  Add in betwixt and between the myriad of camps we have and it's sure to be a busy and fun summer!
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