Wednesday, June 29, 2011

On Going Home.

We traveled farther this Tuesday than any other this summer.  Hubs had a business trip to Kansas City and suggested we come along for the ride.  At first I was a little wishy washy.  I grew up in Kansas City.  What could we possibly do that would be fun?

  :: Hahaha ::

Then I realized I was missing an opportunity to share my hometown with my kids - who really are interested in knowing who we were 'when we were kids' {which really just doesn't seem like that long ago... Until you drive down the streets of your old town and can't find your high school.  I could have sworn they'd moved it.  Sort of.} 

Nowadays, my 'little' hometown sports 4 high schools - there was one when I lived there.  The old movie theatre where all the action was on any given Friday night - gone.  There may or may not be a strip mall there now.  Or a bank.  Or a DollarGeneral.  I never did find the exact spot.  {Does that mean I really am old?  Or just forgetful?  Or it has changed literally that much??  Yeah.  I'm going with number c).}  Pizza Hut where everyone went on their first date?  Gone.  Taco Bell where everyone went after school?  Gone.

It was an oddly horrific feeling driving around and sort of knowing where we were.  But not.  Remembering - oh!  There's Leigh McKeighan Park.  OK, that's Unity Village and there's John Knox Village and wow!  Dave Cross is still in business?!

And I'm well aware that none of this means a thing to anyone out there --- except Frizzy --- but to say, seriously.  We've lived off our road for going on 15 years.  I'm pretty sure it looks exactly the same today as it did when we moved here.

What a wonderful opportunity Hubs gave me to travel back in time - and to share it with my kids.  I have lots more to share this week.  I actually snapped a kajillion photos in  36 hours - 10 of which were in the car, 8 sleeping, you do the math....and yet I wish I'd taken more.  One of the high school.  Of the track and the door we used to march out of playing the Fight Song.  Of the PAC which has a new door.  Of the old apartment.  Of the place where the movie theatre used to be.  (I think.)  Of ... ... everything.  So I don't forget for real. 

I guess, fortunately, it really is 20 years this year since I graduated from high school (*gasp!*), so I'll be going back for the reunion.  And seeing who I remember and who I don't.  I'm just hopeful that I remember people more then than I did the places.
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