Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Teacher Gifts 2011

For the end of school year teacher gifts this year, I asked each child what they wanted to give their teachers. 

Every year I swear I'm not doing end of year gifts.  And every year, at the last minute, I realize another year has past while my kids sat in a classroom for more hours than they sat at my table or in my van and I acknowledge that our teachers deserve a grateful gift of thanks.  So we come up with some crafty plan that I insist they make, and we fret and fight and pull it together in the end.  This year was no exception.  Except I didn't come up with the plan - other than to tell the kids to come up with something. 

Pookie {my mini me} immediately decided a cake.  She truly did an amazing job.  I messed up her frosting by having her make it the night before and then adding too much milk to help it regain its spreadability the morning of the gifting.  I prayed fervently all day that it would hold up and appear edible by day's end ;)

Beautiful, isn't it?

Meiners didn't hesitate when he declared, "Flip flops!" for his beloved first grade teacher.  I immediately agreed, knowing these would be perfect (we made them here, too).  The humorous part of this story is that I pulled Meiners over to watch this video on the web showing how to make bows.  Incredulously, he asked, "I have to make the bows??"  He actually quickly embraced the task, even insisting that my design plan of two bows was just not enough for Mrs. M's always-pedicured tootsies.  "It's not enough!" he declared and disappeared into the basement.  He reemerged with a final coordinating color of ribbon and made these - not bad for a sports fanatic, girl fearing, man's boy {Teacher is a HUGE Mickey fan ;)}  She LOVED them, by the way ~ and put them on her feet immediately!

Mr T decided on a gift card to a running store for his teacher the runner.  She was so excited, she promised to pick out a flavor of Gu and to think of him on her half-marathon attempt in California this month.

Sashi chose flowers for her teachers - in their favorite colors of red and purple.  {I love that she knows their favorite colors!}

Anyway, that's what we did this year!  Stay tuned this week and I promise to show you how to make a pair of those fancy flipflops!  Too easy and incredibly cute! 

See ya soon!
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