Monday, June 13, 2011

Last Tuesday's Travels

My friend asked me to take pictures of her family before her exchange student returned to Germany recently.  Then the temperature soared over 100 degrees and the photo shoot was scratched for health reasons.  In an effort to salvage the opportunity to snap lasting photos of these sweet ladies, I racked my brain for alternative {indoor} locations aside from our original plan to meet at the Missouri Botanical Garden (free to county residents Wednesdays before noon!).  I quickly remembered The Jewel Box. 

I took the twins there when they were about 18 months-old to see an azalea exhibit at Eastertime.  It was gorgeous.  Small, but stunning.  Although it costs $1 during the week to enter this historic building in beautiful Forest Park, it is free from 9 til noon Monday and Tuesday mornings.  And it's air conditioned!  Unfortunately, our photo shoot did not work out, but I talked myself into taking the kids there before heading to the zoo last week for our first Tuesday of Travel.

I'm so grateful for the idea and the time spent.  Pookie snapped dozens of photos of flowers (her favorite photography subject), and I took dozens of photos of the kids!  We had a great time - and learned a little history about this once bustling, rotating garden of extravagance.

Pookie's Photography

Mommy's Photography
Aterward, we reentered the wonderful world of heat and visited the Korean War Memorial.  The kids climbed around the giant sun dial {I'm still not sure how it tells the time} that aptly states, "It's time to remember."

 Pookie took this photo, too:


I forced the kids to take just a few more photos before we headed to the zoo - way too late and way too hot.  But these images were well worth it!

These two were a little squirrelly - as I am discovering they are most of this summer.  They did give me this, at least...

...before degenerating to this:

And I really just don't even know what to say about this one:

When we'd all had enough, we headed off to the zoo.  {The best /free/ zoo in the world.}

Meiners gets in on the Photo Action

By noon we were all sweaty and exhausted and ready to go back to the van for lunch and home for an afternoon swim.
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