Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Love, The Tooth Fairy

Have I told you lately that my husband rocks? Here's what he does at 10:30 at night when his oldest daughter lost the tooth that gives her an all expense paid ticket to the ROCK Star concert "All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth!"

Keep in mind, he's been teasing her that she needs to be paying him the money the tooth fairy leaves...sorta like taxing her M&Ms...


To: Pookie
From: The Tooth Fairy
Re: Your latest tooth
Date: 10/1/08

Pookie – I got a news flash on the Tooth Fairy News Network (TFNN) tonight telling me that you lost your last big tooth during dinner this evening. I’ve been keeping an eye on that one for a while, and honestly, I was surprised you were able to hold onto it for so long……it’s been hanging by a thread for some time and I’ve been telling Mr. Tooth Fairy that we’d be visiting your house soon.

Well, I was very surprised this evening when I came to pick up your tooth…..when I looked under your pillow, do you know what I found? Nothing! The space under your pillow was empty! I searched your room for a little while and I simply could not find your lost tooth. I finally had to pull out my Automatic Tooth Detector 3000 (it’s the latest model – you can even adjust the settings by tooth type…..grinders, incisors, molars, etc…’s great). Well, the Automatic Tooth Detector 3000 found your tooth right away….but you’ll never guess where it was……under your Daddy’s pillow!

Don’t worry – the Tooth Fairy wasn’t born yesterday. I’ve seen that trick lots of times, and I’m not falling for it.

I’ve left you $3 for this tooth. It’s a really nice looking tooth, and it’s pretty clean, so it will make a good addition to my collection.

I’ll see you next tooth, and keep on brushing!

The Tooth Fairy
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