Thursday, October 23, 2008


I have a growing admiration for Melissa Lester of A Little Loveliness. Let's just put that out there. On Monday, she wrote a beautiful post with this quote:

As mothers, so many of us are the memory makers in the family. I joke often that Joe provides our livelihood, and I provide our "lovelihood." What a privilege it is to bring our families together year after year. Pieced together like a quilt, we hope those tender moments will wrap our loved ones in warm memories even after we're gone.

What is more magnificent than that? My friend IRL has said to me that her primary job, after establishing a secure family, finances, and home life for her children - is to help build their happy childhood memories. She even has a book with ideas on how to do this very thing --- I'll have to get the title and post it for you (hey, PS, you read my blog, girl - post a comment!) This concept has struck me since she first presented it. I think Melissa's thought reflects the same notion. And it really is just lovely. My friend The Church Lady said it years ago, too --- she always tries to have a roast in the oven on Sundays after church. Growing up in rural Iowa, that's a poignant memory from her childhood, and she sincerely desires to evoke the same smell and taste memories for her own kids.

Lovelihood. Now that the twins are older, I know these days are the beginning of true memories that will be recalled later in their lives. I pray that I am making happy memories for my kids.

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