Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Miracle Baby & Prayer Request

Well, ya'll, I made it! I made it through the 10 days of October that I like to pen:

Days from Hades.

Waaaaaaaay too much to get done. You thought I was kidding about the Roman Numeral open box October checklist? I wasn't. And I'm now over half-way through it! Hooray!

Tonite was the 3rd and final stamp camp I (may ever again in my life) held in 5 days. It was for about 40 ladies in a small county south of ours who hold a special place in my heart. I volunteered at the pregnancy center for several years before Baby S graced us with her perpetually awakening and crying existence. Since then, so for the last 16 months, I have not returned to the center. They do a really cool family education group once a month led by my good friend, The Church Lady. TCL called last month and asked me to come help the girls make cards to send to someone special in their lives that they thank God for. (I know that's a dangling something or other. I don't care.)

So, tonite, I laid eyes upon a miracle. 7 months ago, a sweet young 16 year-old entered the center and asked for an abortion. A caregiver sat down with her, counseled her, helped her tell her mom about the pregnancy --- and tonite, I met 2 week-old AnaRose. A tiny little bundle of pink sweetness. And I wept. Because God is good. And because He sends ordinary people. To accomplish extraordinary things.


Now, back to me. See, I have a prayer request for myself - which is so much grosser and weird than saving the life of a baby. I have an infection on my face. It is awful. Horrible. Hideous. I might be dying. In the very least, part of my face may fall off. It's VERY painful. Please pray that my doctor would return my calls and get me the prescription I need to vanquish this beast. Seriously. I don't need bad staph infections in my house. Or on my face.

Now, say a prayer for me, please, then go back and think about that sweet bundle of goodness that I watched from across the room tonite because I didn't want to contaminate her with my hideous growing facial infection.

And good night.
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