Monday, October 20, 2008

Spooky Pumpkins

One of the items 'on my plate' this month is helping decorate pumpkins for the classes at the twins' elementary school. And photographing the festivity, as I volunteered to be the PTO Photographer this year (a ploy to get the camera of my dreams, which worked, so everyone wins...) For the principal and her staff, I double-dutied by photographing them to put on the pumpkin. Then, tonite, I found this fabulous woman, who quickly taught me the art of easy silhouettes (mine were a bit more time-intensive and wrought with possible mishaps on a pumpkin), so I now can proudly take these little beauts into school in the morning - and then photograph all the other moms being busy busy busy, cuz I already finished mine!

And just because I uploaded this little (well, OK, big, actually) guy onto the computer at the same time, I thought I'd add him to my post. Cuz he's just that beautiful, too.

Well, he sorta looks like he has two heads and maybe my focus was on the weed in the front instead of him, but I'm working on it, people.

Still, makes a 5-mi. Saturday morning run worthwhile. That and the exercise and the heart health and the weight loss...

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