Monday, October 27, 2008

Tag - You're It!

OK, you all. I've been tagged here and there. And I've always sort of shrugged off figuring out how to snag the picture image or respond, and then I go about my life, none the wiser. I shared last night with My Man about getting tagged or receiving blog 'awards' and all that. He was stunned that I've left them out there floating. I responded to Melissa's by posting about 'a few' of my favorite things. And D tapped me on the shoulder for random things...I promise I'll go back and look at what the other things have been. But, here's my post all wrapped into one.

Random things -

1. My first car was a used red Subaru Justy (like a Ford Festiva, only less American) that I drove until the front end was destroyed (yes, by me) and the air quit working. I drove straight to a Chevy dealership without air conditioning in Missouri in August and traded in for a brand spankin' new Cavalier --- before I even had a real job lined up to cover the payments.

2. I traveled with my mom to Tijuana in junior high and made a promise that I would learn enough Spanish to return and translate what the school boys were calling to me across the street. I took International Baccalaureate Spanish in high school and studied in Mexico one summer, but never really could translate what any hispanic school boys might be saying.

3. My parents were divorced when I was very young - I spent many summers returning to my dad's in SD and driving tractors through fields and pick-ups through ditches. I belted Glory of Love at the top of my lungs in our new John Deere, complete with FM radio, the last summer I went to my dad's. I pretended to kiss Ralph Macchio - I mean my pillow.

4. I moved from a rural town in Missouri to the Big City in 7th grade - after my mom had spent two years commuting two hours one way to work five days per week. She used to wake me up in the dark to french braid my hair before sending me back to bed for my last few hours of sleep. She didn't move until I told her I was ready. I'll never forget the girl that showed me around my new junior high school. She was the cousin of one of my 'country' friends - and this new girl wore all banana yellow - from her Kirk Cameron up-turned Polo collar down to her low heeled pumps. I'd never seen the likes of it before in my Simple Life. And that same girl turned into a total grunge kid before we graduated. Weird.

5. My brother used to make us breakfast every morning - he alternated between french toast and pancakes (I prefered french toast - still do). I would make our lunches. Mom had to get involved when JJ began only making pancakes day in and day out.

6...I am painfully shy, hopelessly self critical, and an imperfect soul saved by grace alone.
OK. Maybe you knew all that already.

Now, I've gone back to all the blogs from whence I recall receiving awards and tags, and really, the only thing I have left is to tag others. All the blogs I read have received these awards. I think. Plus, I only have about 8 on my blogroll. So if you haven't got these, then grab the picture. I didn't write down the rules. Make something up. Tag others. Share the love. Have a glass of wine and get some sleep. That's what I'm going to do, anyway. You do what you love for yourself.

Here's what I love:
great Bible study
true friends
a good night's sleep
this season of my life

BUT, if it's decorating, then:
black (picture frames, furniture, & white photos...)
red (every room should have some)
changing seasons (sea shells in summer, leaves and pumpkins in fall...)
hand-made art (handpainted or stamped signs, papercrafts...)
pillows and throws (too bad hubby doesn't agree...)
a good coat of paint (fixes everything...)
candles (that was 7...)


~and thank you for the bloggy love, Ladies!
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