Saturday, October 18, 2008

Final Follow-Up

Ever wonder what I've done about my coffee addiction?

Well, my dear friend KF yelled across the parking lot at Bread Co. this week:

I think she was referring to me. I could be wrong. (Thanks, K' for the shout out!)

Yeah. I gave it up cold. I did really well, too. An entire week went by without a drop of my liquid gold. It wasn't even that hard, actually. But you know, like a potato chip, if you try one. And it hits the spot, then you try another. And, well, you know the scenario. Pretty soon you've eaten the whole bag. (Well, that's what they tell me, anyway. I don't really speak from experience on that one...)

So goes it with an Icee Mocha. You reward yourself one time. "You've gone a whole week," you might say to yourself. So, you go and you buy one coffee. Not a problem. Not a sin.

But then, the baby gets sick. And she doesn't sleep a lot. And then you get sick. And for whatever God-forsaken reason you lie in bed wide awake until 2AM for several nights in a row, only to be waken by said baby at, say, 3AM or then again at 4AM and finally woken for good at, say, 5AM. And the next thing you know. BAM! You're a coffee addict again. And you've decided that, until the kids are older, coffee is a good thing.

And then you come clean to the blogging community. Because, really, when they see you in real life at the Bread Co. and the scream,"HEY CAFFEINE ADDICT!" it's really quite embarrassing if you haven't admitted to the world that that's what you still are. And you aren't afraid to say it.

Hi. My name is Karin. And I love coffee.
The End.
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